Hi Friend, just in case we have never met, let me introduce myself: My name is Ryann Lee (pronounced the same as Ryan). Most of you and your children know me as chicken or the picture lady. If you have my photos from a childcare center there is a chance we have never met. Thank you for supporting this local artist and small business for so many years!
     All I've ever wanted to be is an artist. Sewing, fashion, design, wood working, gardening, farm animals and permaculture are all skills and interests I incorporate into my art. A life long love of travel, classic literature, music, antiques, true crime, drag queens and all things outdoorsy continue to inspire what I create.
     My journey in photography started as a tween, gave me community in high school and had my back into adulthood. After 16 years professional experience, the craft of photography has become a way of life. When I plan for your session, my goal is to create circumstances where we can all live our best lives.

My secret to success --
Embrace wild moments
Approach vulnerability with curiosity
Not only let the kids be kids -- let us all be kids!

     While I am a kids photographer, I do not have any children of my own. You may have met my husband Chris while at a childcare center. We have been together for nearly a decade and spend our time working on ambitious projects or adventuring with friends and family. He is my favorite person and I am grateful to share life with him. 
     Over the last year everything has changed for me and my family. With all the upheaval we need more flexibility and freedom. This is only the beginning and as they say, the best laid plans... so more details to come. After 10 years offering childcare center sessions, I am taking a break, jumping at the opportunity to go out into the world, learn new skills, get fresh feedback and take my photography to a whole new level. Utah is my home and I will always come back. Stay in touch because we will see each other again!

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